Introducing Raven 2.0

Game changing history matching and uncertainty quantification – the best use of innovation in a software tool needed to inform corporate decisions for reservoir engineering successes.

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Game changers of uncertainty, we counsel leading innovating oil and gas companies.



Spun-out of Heriot-Watt University in 2009 by Mike Christie, Dan Arnold and Jack Talbot, Raven is the output of years of research in a game-changing software product, designed in Scotland.



Raven allows you to history match, forecast and optimise using any of the major commercial simulators, using the best in algorithmic developments from Heriot-Watt research, in a user interface that allows you to knowledge share.



Our company is founded on five values that we stand by as people. These are pioneering, wisdom, sensei, trust and agile. We make sure they are fully integrated in the products and services we design and deliver.



To trial Raven or to find out more, contact us here. We’d be happy to provide you with a free demonstration or trial license.

Raven products and services are designed in Scotland