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We offer our decades of experience of Decision Making under Uncertainty on a consultancy basis tailored to your problems.

As part of this process, we will help your team to learn our processes so you can make Uncertainty Quantification and on-going process in your business. 

Raven Software

Raven is our best-in-class software tool-set designed to support your History Matching, Forecasting and Development Optimisation decision making. 

Raven enables you to explore the potential of your field, and gain new understanding in it’s behaviour.


Understanding Uncertainty Quantification and how it fits within your business is not always easy. 

Our experience in Education and Training has enabled us to develop training options that can be tailored to your business needs and empower your decision making process.


Our goal is to facilitate improved development decision making and unlock the full potential of oil and gas reservoirs. Our best-in-class tool-set gets you from historical data to a set of optimised outcomes faster and more effectively than our competitors.

Raven has proven its value in a series of experimental and real-world studies. At Epistemy, we strive to improve our clients’ knowledge helping them make decisions using the best reservoir information available.

Model Development

WBHP Progress Animation

Raven is a great choice for upstream development decision support. Raven’s integration with the main industry simulation tools and its proven ability act enable you to develop a sound base for forecasting and optimisation.

With Raven, reservoir engineers can build flexible and feature-full models using best-in-class history matching algorithms.


Cumulative Oil

Raven delivers the understanding required for dependable decision support within operators asset teams and service companies. Raven’s award winning tool-set gives reservoir engineers real P10, P50 and P90 expectations that are based on the most likely history matched models.

Development Optimisation

History Match Vs Forecast Animation

Raven supports simple single-objective optimisation and multi-objective optimisation, enabling reservoir engineers to explore options to fit multiple needs. Raven’s selection of patented asynchronous algorithms have been tuned through research at Heriot-Watt University proven effective on a variety of real fields.

Business Decision Making

Business Decision Design Animation

Multi-objective optimisation gives teams the ability to various business cases to select the best field development plan e.g.

  • Optimise for increased forecast oil production vs. reduced water AND minimised gas production
  • Optimise forecast oil production for maximum NPV
  • Trade off early profit vs. back end performance

Our experts

Professor Mike Christie

Mike Christie leads the technologies deployed within Raven. After 18 years with BP, Mike joined Heriot-Watt University in 1999. An SPE 25 year member and Ferguson medal winner, Mike has pioneered numerous techniques within the oil industry.

Mike Christie

Doctor Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold, PhD in Uncertainty Quantification from IPE at Heriot-Watt University, began his career in industry. His PhD provided specialist knowledge in integrating geological information into uncertainty software.

Dan Arnold

Gordon Winton, MSc in Energy, specialises in developing highly efficient industrial processes. His extensive 15 years working to develop and deploy hardware and software solutions  is a great base for supporting your workflow integration.

Gordon Winton

Case Study

In just two weeks Raven was able to provide the following insights for one of our customers:

  • Find a set of better history matches than the operator
  • Identified that the field more laterally connected than first thought
  • Identified that the field was less vertically connected than first thought
  • All injectors except 1 have effective water sweep

“Using Raven has been a very insightful exercise…”

Guided Studies

Guided studies are supported by Epistemy’s experts and show you how to set-up and run Raven simulations with your data. We help to accelerate your process by exchanging our knowledge and expertise whilst teaching you how to get the most from Raven.

Our staff are experienced in establishing robust reservoir studies. Their role is to give practical help to Raven users and transfer their knowledge of reservoir simulation and uncertainty quantification.

Uncertainty quantification and development optimisation are a complex tasks, so we offer guided studies to prospective and existing Raven customers to ensure you get the most out of your study with Raven. Raven installations are tailored to meet companies’ demands and effective use of your installation will enable you to focus on evaluating the breadth of result developed by Raven. Raven has proven its value in a series of experimental and real-world studies.

At Epistemy, we strive to improve our clients’ knowledge helping them make decisions using the best reservoir information available.

Raven allows you to use your existing simulators and staff to get best-in-class history matching, forecasting and optimisation under uncertainty. Giving you more diverse history matches, strong forecast understanding and field optimisation plans.

This support can be given at company sites or at our development offices in Edinburgh, UK. Using your data, projects can be set up and the end to end production optimisation process can be modelled giving client staff a valuable hands-on training experience. We can always tailor a study to fit your needs.

About us

Raven is a software tool produced by Epistemy Ltd., an Edinburgh based company, born out of the Uncertainty Quantification Group at Heriot-Watt University in 2009.

Our mission

“Epistemy” translates as “a way of knowing” which we hold as our mantra. Our goal is to facilitate better decision making through consultancy, software and teaching.

Our offer

  • Consultancy
  • Raven Software
  • Training