Flexible Solutions

Everyone is different so we will work with you to ensure our products and services suit your needs; this includes our consultancy support, training services or by developing a tailored installation of Raven for your team.

Raven is flexible enough to scale to your business needs, including a variety of hardware platforms. Raven supports studies on a performance laptop, on your companies HPC infrastructure, and using cloud based web services.

Arrange a one-to-one session with our staff to discuss your requirement and help you with problem definition and initial project set-up.

We work with our clients to define the right mix of software licenses, users, hardware and cloud based web services. During our meetings we will use our expertise to gather your requirements and help you to select a Raven solution that will allow you to make the decisions you need for enhanced reservoir performance.

Client confidentiality and data security is critical and we are happy to work with your organisation to ensure that your data and processes are protected.


Contact Details


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