Our company is founded on five values that we stand by as people. We make sure they are fully integrated in the products and services we design and deliver.


Our passion for being different and disruptive in matters of history matching and uncertainty quantification is a constant. We have no interest in the status quo. We continually explore new technologies to be at the forefront of reservoir engineers’ most wanted tools.


Old and new kids on the block, our genius comes from unparalleled experience in both industry and academia. Led by our research, instigated from within Heriot Watt University we apply our wisdom knowingly.


We live and breathe a Sensei attitude, always striving for a greater level of respected mastery of our art form, mindful of the responsibility this brings for those learning with us, who need ongoing support and counsel, through good times and bad.


We know trust is earned, so we do everything to develop and preserve it within our team and with our clients. We are honest enough to understand it is not won overnight.


We have the freedom and flexibility of being independent, which allows us to move and adapt quickly to our clients’ needs and industry developments, from our base in Scotland.