How Can Raven Help You?

Multi-Objective Algorithms

Raven’s history matching and optimisation algorithms allow you to investigate elements of your model with independent objectives.

When history matching, this allows you to match around a fault or other geological feature that might be preventing a good match of multiple regions at the same time within your model. By grouping your targets within Raven’s objectives system, Raven will develop models that match across all of those features.

When optimising your model, you can define multiple objectives for your desired solution, allowing you to include NPV as well as cumulative oil for example. This enables you to use to Raven to explore your business cases without bias.

Decisions under Uncertainty

Raven’s uncertainty quantification goes beyond providing you with an ensemble of matching models for your observed data.

We use a statistically valid method to covert your ensemble into a CDF, from which we can produce genuine P10, P50 and P90 curves for your forecast. 

You can then use this data to evaluate the profitability of your reservoir and explore potential development options using Raven’s optimisation stage.

Raven’s optimisation stage acts as an extension your uncertainty studies, giving you scenarios that are tested across your uncertainty, identifying stable options for your reservoir.


Raven’s tool-set includes a selection of tested algorithms that are optimised for history matching and development optimisation studies.

Every model has different challenges when it comes to history matching which respond differently to different algorithm behaviours. Raven has a selection of powerful algorithms so you can get the best from your match.


Raven has been designed from the group up to scale with your business needs and computing infrastructure. 

Raven can be deployed on a standard desktop PC, a high powered desktop machine, a dedicated compute cluster and is able to grow into the cloud should your model require it.


Raven has proven its value with many clients; in different geological settings; and with some of the industry’s most exacting clients. Raven has been used for decision support by companies like JOGMEC, EON, Gazpromneft and Total; smaller companies like Horizon; and a host of university researchers stretched and developed the capabilities of the toolset.

History Matching

WBHP Progress Animation

Raven is a great choice for upstream oil and gas reservoir engineers involved in developing reservoirs. Raven integrates with the main reservoir simulators and can be customised for in-house tools. Raven has proven its ability to find excellent history matches that can be used within Raven as a base for forecasting and optimisation.

Raven delivers the understanding required for dependable decision support within operators asset teams and service companies. Raven’s award winning tool-set gives reservoir engineers better ways of analysing very large and complex reservoir problems that, in turn gives other stakeholders higher quality information about their assets.


Raven is a decision support tool, giving you an awareness of the uncertainty in your decision making process. 

It’s possible to generate many models that match your observed data equally well. But forecasting from only a small sub-set of that can result in forecasts that rapidly diverge from reality. Using Raven’s history matching tools, you are able to general hundreds of equally matched models from which to forecast, stabalising the risk.

Raven takes this one step further, and uses a statistical method to generate real P10, P50 and P90 curves based on your matched ensemble. This spread can then be used to quantify the risk in your future management of your asset.

Development Optimisation

History Match Vs Forecast Animation

Raven’s multi-objective algorithms enable reservoir engineers to explore options to fit multiple business needs. 

Multi-objective optimisation gives teams the ability to various business cases to select the best field development plan e.g.

  • Optimise for increased forecast oil production vs. reduced water AND minimised gas production
  • Optimise forecast oil production for maximum NPV
  • Trade off early profit vs. back end performance

Case Study

Click below to download our latest case study where Raven not only produced better matches than were currently available, but helped the engineers further understand their model.


Arrange a one-to-one session with our staff to discuss your requirements and how Raven can work for you.

During this session, we will get to understand your needs and your asset in order to help you to select a Raven solution that will allow you to make the decisions you need for enhanced reservoir performance.

Installation Options

Raven is flexible and can scale to your needs and availability. Look at possible scenarios for installation and see where Raven might fit within your business.