Game changing history matching and uncertainty quantification

Raven allows you to history match, forecast and optimise using any of the major commercial simulators.

It offers data analysis tools, collaboration tools and an audit trail, so you can easily choose a consistent match-quality expression, gather feedback on your runs from company experts over a corporate intranet, go back anytime to a history match, forecast or optimisation run keeping track of changes made.

Breadth of forecast

The match quality expression used in Raven history matching is easy to set up.  Our multi-objective algorithms ensure Raven explores the trade-off between matching different quantities such as pressures or rates, and the advanced computer science algorithms ensure a rapid history match. Statistically valid approaches are then used to convert the history matches to forecasts of reservoir behaviour.

Next big thing technology

Raven deploys the latest stochastic optimisation algorithms to handle challenging engineering optimisations.  Using algorithms such as Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO), Differential Evolution (DE) and Bayesian Optimisation (BOA) Raven automatically finds a variety of different history matched models. Each of Raven’s algorithms has a corresponding multi-objective variant, to explore trade-offs in matching a number of different objectives, for example water cuts, pressures and oil rates. Equally, in the optimisation section, a full range of trade-offs between (for example) maximising oil production while minimising water rate, or maximising short-term oil and long-term oil, can be explored.

Raven also deploys concepts from grid computing to allow you to run locally, on a cluster, or on a locally defined PC grid, all from within the main package.

Knowledge sharing

Raven has knowledge sharing and collaboration built in from the ground up. Asking for help is as simple as ‘sharing’ the project and emailing a link to someone whose advice you seek. Security is inherent – access is restricted to a corporate intranet. Raven keeps a record of suggestions and changes made using the ‘audit-trail’, so you can reconstruct any point in your history matching, forecast or optimisation workflow.

Disrupt with wisdom

Raven is designed to disrupt with wisdom.

By wisdom, we mean our 15 years’ renown for research, coming out of Heriot-Watt University. Break through technologies in petroleum engineering and computer science led by Mike Christie who we like think of as our sensei.

By disrupt, we mean our game changing tool for history matching and uncertainty quantification that makes the best use of innovation in pioneering and agile ways.

Simply put, we use our unparalleled wisdom to disrupt and innovate, breeding the confidence and trust needed to inform corporate decisions for reservoir engineering successes.