Raven has scalability at its core and can be set-up to deliver quality results for any size of uncertainty quantification and optimisation problem.


Raven is designed to utilise the power of your desktop workstation computer - ideal for small-medium models.

HPC & Clusters

For larger studies Raven can scale up to utilise dedicated mainframe/clusters as well as desktop HPC.

Cloud Computing

Raven has been deployed on Amazon Web Services to tackle large and complex models.


With Raven’s level of installation flexibility, your configuration can be designed to meet your existing demands with the potential to scale with you.

During the pre-installation phase our staff will work with you to establish key parameters that determine the best possible installation for your organisation.

Once these key parameters have been agreed, our staff will recommend a set of solutions that we can deliver.

Configuration Parameters

  • Reservoir model size and complexity
  • Data issues
    • Sensitivity
    • Security
    • Volume
    • Computing resources available vs required
  • Client experience and expertise
  • Processing availability
  • Simulator Options
  • Output requirements

Case Study

Click below to download our latest case study where Raven not only produced better matches than were currently available, but helped the engineers further understand their model.


Arrange a one-to-one session with our staff to discuss your requirements and how Raven can work for you.

During this session, we will get to understand your needs and your asset in order to help you to select a Raven solution that will allow you to make the decisions you need for enhanced reservoir performance.

About Raven

Raven is a decision support tool-set for reservoir engineers. Raven’s toolkit supports assisted history matching, forecasting and development optimisation under uncertainty.